Insurance Journal’s Most Noteworthy Topics of 2020: International

Insurance Journal’s Most Noteworthy Topics of 2020: International

2020-12-29 14:38:57

COVID-19, mergers and acquisitions were just two of the notable 2020 topics covered in Insurance Journal's international section. Other notable topics included business relocations – from startups and existing businesses – and natural and man-made disasters. We list below some notable article highlights from just a few of these articles in 2020, which was certainly a notable year.


The coronavirus pandemic was, of course, the top topic for 2020, one way or another, across all of Insurance Journal's regions. In the International section, articles ranged from claims on COVID-19 to the lawsuits over non-payment of business interruption claims related to global lockdowns, to pandemic coverage and lockout solutions. Indeed, 42 of the headlines in the top 100 articles specifically related to COVID-19, the coronavirus and the pandemic. In addition, many other articles at least mentioned the pandemic. It was certainly the topic of the year.

Here is a sampling of COVID-19's coverage in the International section in reverse chronological order. (Additional articles on the coronavirus can be found in our summary of 2020's most-read international articles published on Dec. 28. Other articles can be found below in the section on Natural and Man-Made Disasters).


Next on the list of most notable articles published by Insurance Journal in 2020 are those on mergers and acquisitions. Of these, Aon's proposed merger with Willis Towers Watson is the most viewed by IJ readers. Here are some of our M&A articles published in the past year in reverse chronological order:

Business relocations for startups and existing insurers

Business relocations for startups and strategic relocations by existing insurers are next on the list of notable items for 2020. These range from the startups that have raised capital to take advantage of hardening rates, to existing companies that have restructured their management teams and operations. and sometimes cultural (and personnel) reasons. Here's a sampling of these articles in reverse chronological order:

Natural and man-made disasters

And last but not least, the list of notable articles in the International section of IJ in 2020 includes the topic of natural and man-made disasters and their costs to both the insurance industry and the world. Of course there is a crossover with the first section on COVID-19 related articles, as natural disasters can range from pandemics to Australian bushfires.

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